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Whether you are working from home or away at the office.  These daily dog walks give your pup a chance to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.  A great walk on your pup’s favorite route is the focus of this visit, but that’s not all we do.  These mid-workday breaks include:  playtime, treats, topping-off food and water bowls, poo-pickup and disposal, reinforcing formal training, reinforcing good leash manners, belly rubs, ear scratches, lots of luv, and treats.

Your pet care professional will send you text updates after each visit!

  • 30-MINUTE visit ($25)

  • 45-MINUTE visit ($35)

  • 60-MINUTE visit ($45)

Add $5 to each service listed above for each additional pup. Extra charges may apply for Holidays. 



A special treat for the highly adventurous pups!   We’ll hit the trails with your pups to explore new scenery and scents.  In severe weather, we'll stick to a route that’s a little closer to home.

Starting at $48 for a 60-minute visit, plus travel time.  

$5 for each additional pup. Extra charges may apply for Holidays.



Does your pup have a doggie buddy that lives next door or down the street?  We can arrange a doggie play date and co-walk with the two of them.  


A win-win deal...your pups get to socialize and you’ll save 50% of the cost of two separate 60 minute visits. This is a 60-minute visit (minimum), with a max 10-minute commute between homes/destinations.  An active account is required for each pet owner.

Starting at $35 per dog for a 60-minute visit (travel time is part of the visit).  Extra charges may apply for Holidays.


Is it time for a trip to the vet or the doggie day spa (or the Grandparents)? With our pet taxi service,  we can drop-off and pick-up and stay as long as needed for a Vet visit or Emergency.  Schedule as needed with your online Client Account.

Pet Taxi service available at a rate of $1/minute plus the amount of time that we are needed at each destination.



Explore all of our In-Home Vacation Care Packages.



These are our most popular midday-daily walk services. If you don’t see the Pet Care services you need, please contact us to discuss customized care options.  

We have tried to create all-inclusive (no surprises) service packages based on one consistent hourly rate.  Occasionally there are charges for extra services (for example, Holidays).  Link here to review all of our EXTRAS. 

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Need more Info?

Drop us a line anytime if you have any questions or would like to arrange a Meet & Greet!

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